Ukrainian Recovery will be discussed on Economic Resistance Forum

On 30th of June 2022 the Economic Resistance Forum will be held to discuss Ukrainian recovery plans after the war. Among the topics, proposed for deliberation: how business is helping Army of Ukraine, how state helps business, how to find money during the wartime. 

National Investment Council under the President of Ukraine is an event Co-organiser. The best Ukrainian and world experts, economists, government and international organisations representatives are invited to take part. 

This year it will be held online. At 6 p.m. Member of Parliament and National Investment Council Secretary Halyna Yanchenko will join the discussion panel about Ukraine’s rebuilding. 

“Our victory in the war is imminent, so we need to think about afterwar restoration already now. And this can’t be achieved without help from our international partners and investors. So we need to start negotiations now and create guarantees for their participation. I will talk exactly about this on the Ecomonic Resistance Forum” – accents Halyna Yanchenko. 

To remind, full restoration of Ukraine could take up to $1 trillion in money.

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